Wildcat Films has two developed and well received scripts ready to bring to market. We are always interested to hear from an experienced producer who is confident of their commercial & creative potential.
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1950's. Academic David Urquhart is asked to leave his comfortable ivory tower and return to his native Scottish Highlands to seek out a reclusive and enigmatic composer, Douglas Menzies. Following the death of his wife in childbirth, Menzies is on a quest to understand the nature of creation and destruction though writing a symphony.
Adapted from the classic novel by Neil Gunn, the film tells the story of what they both find, and how their lives change for ever, through an intense rollercoaster of tragedy, drama, romance and adventure, gently punctuated with moments of magic realism and comedy.
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While the Bosnia war rages far away, an air traffic controller in northern England is suspended following a fatal crash.
Overwhelmed by the guilt of putting her daughter on the doomed aircraft, the mother of one of the victims seeks him out. Their unwitting go-between is a young refugee from Sarajevo confronting her own guilt of Serbian ethnicity.
In a tense ensemble triangle of love and death, played out against wild landscapes of coasts and moors, they struggle to find truth, reconciliation and ultimately redemption.